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Getting your Cabin ready for the year ahead

Getting your Cabin ready for the year ahead

Getting your log cabin ready for the year ahead.


Spring will soon be here and it's time to get your log cabin in shape! Now may not be the most exciting activity on a dry sunny day, but preventing issues early beats having to fix them later on, every time. Create the space you want to spend the year in now, so you don’t miss a minute.

log cabin with office

1. Check the Exterior

Springtime is the perfect season for giving your log home a bit of TLC! Take some time to step outside and inspect any potential damage from those chilly winter winds or freezing temperatures.

After checking the roof for any missing or broken shingles, take the opportunity to check out around windows and doors too. Caulking may need replacing every few years as well as keeping an eye on window flashing - that'll help stop bugs or moisture sneaking in. Finally don't forget door/window frames; sometimes wood can warp at each corner so give those areas some love!


Pay special attention around dark areas and splashes of mud and dirt, as this could be an indication that you need to do something about pesky leaks. And don't forget - give your logs a light splash test by spraying (or lightly pouring!) water on them; if it beads up quickly then there's nothing more than maintenance needed until next year but if it soaks right may mean you need to treat your cabin or summerhouse to fresh coat of woodstain. Don't leave out checking the log ends either — end grain tends to absorb moisture much more easily!

Keep an eye peeled for clogged gutters due to leaves, ice or snow sticking around - this is bad news because when spring's heavy rains come pouring down they'll be trapped in just one area rather than being spread more evenly, this makes it hard for the logs to dry out properly, potentially leading to rot and mildew.


Check over your cabin

2. Time for some pruning

Winter may have looked beautiful with snow frosting your log cabin, but all that cold weather can leave plants looking a bit worse for wear! Now's the time to get out and tidy up any vegetation around your timber building. Don't forget - keeping those leafy greens away from wooden surfaces is key; regularly letting them rest on wood could lead to rot and decay over time. If you thought ahead when planning original landscaping, this maintenance shouldn’t be too much of an issue!


Springtime brings rain, wind and the potential for disaster if nearby trees aren't maintained. Keep your log cabin safe by trimming any overhanging limbs – do it yourself or hire an expert to help out! Cutting branches can be risky business so make sure you know what you're doing before taking a saw in hand.


To keep your log cabin cosy and dry, make sure there's at least 2" between the base of the building and Earth. That way you can avoid rain splashing back onto the logs - particularly if you don't have wide overhangs to shoo it away! Also be mindful that low spots around your property won't help drainage either so try to fill them or redirect runoff elsewhere.



log cabin maintenance - wood stain

3. Spring Cleaning Your Cabin

As soon as spring begins, it's time to get your garden furniture out again and create a cozy sitting area for you to enjoy with family and friends. But before that can happen, why not take the opportunity of colder weather to make some space in your cabin? Get creative - find ways of attaching tools or other materials on the wall using peg boards. Look up into empty airspace above with construction elements on the ceiling so you can store even more items. Come summertime, when everything is spick-and-span: extra floor spaces means double joy!

Taking care of your garden furniture is key to making the most out of it. Have a look for any damage, loose screws or dirt before using - if something needs fixing then don't wait! Depending on what material you have, maintenance methods will vary so make sure you know how and when to take good care. A little bit extra effort now might mean that your outdoor haven can stay in tip-top condition much longer!


4. Time For A New Direction

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your log cabin! Why not ditch a classic cottage look and try something new - why not inject some colour into your space with bright furniture or pastel paint? Everyone knows that a cosy and comfortable cabin is the stuff of dreams. To make sure your dream log home has exactly what you need, why not focus on furniture with lots of warmth? Balance out those rustic surroundings by choosing pieces that add coziness to the room.


Plus, don't forget about lighting!

Whether it's string lights or something more grandiose like a chandelier - having good sources of light will both improve the look and set an inviting atmosphere in your cabin! Greenery also brings life into any space; plants are great for purifying air while flowers can bring brightness plus provide interesting contrast against all wood elements inside your house. For added modernity sprinkle sleek furnishings throughout then cap things off with curtains for extra privacy. With so many interior ideas out there, it's easy to find one that reflects you and makes your dream log cabin become reality.



Make The Most Of Every Approaching Minute

As the days get longer and warmer, it's time to start thinking about your garden and outdoor space. Use this springtime as a chance for a fresh start, both inside and around your summerhouse. By taking some time now to prepare, you can ensure that you'll be able to enjoy every minute of bliss in your outdoor oasis when the temperature is finally perfect for sitting outside again.

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