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Reasons to consider an outdoor sauna

Reasons to consider an outdoor sauna

Reasons to consider an outdoor sauna


The sauna is a wonderful way to relax, detox and de-stress. But when you're looking for one there are two choices: outdoor or indoor? Both are attractive in their own way. Here we will discuss some pretty compelling reasons to get an outdoor sauna.


Since the pandemic, the demand for outdoor living has boomed, with  outdoor kitchens, patios with fire pits, and more. Now more than ever, outdoor saunas may be a more attractive investment than they've been in a long time.

Benefits of opting for a good outdoor sauna


The outdoor sauna is a great way to spend time outside and enjoy the beauty of your yard. Most come with designs that allow you ample room for entertaining guests, so it’s never just about relaxing in silence!


Simple Assembly

You can enjoy the benefits of an outdoor sauna without having to worry about pesky assembly. Sauna kits come with all parts, and building instructions needed, and all delivered straight to your door! They're easy enough to construct for anyone with average DIY capabilities—or time on their hands... Getting some friends involved in the build can be a great way make a party of it, with a relaxing evening for all once completed.


Space Saving

Indoor saunas are great, but outdoor ones offer the convenience of not needing to set aside space in your home. That's especially attractive for smaller homes or those with large families where every available space is taken up with more essential features.


Relaxing Privacy

Some people just can't seem to find peace even when they're inside their own homes. Maybe it's because they have curious kids who demand constant attention, or pets that insist on sitting on their laps any time they sit down to relax. An indoor sauna doesn't always provide the relief an outdoor sauna can.


When you work from home, it can be difficult to break the cycle of thinking that your office is just a room in which all days end up being spent working. A sauna built outdoors provides the perfect, detatched environment for letting off steam away from all of the day's stresses.


Home Investment

Landscaping your own yard can be a beautiful pursuit. Now imagine centering those efforts around the rustic charm of an outdoor sauna? It's not just visual! The experience is sensory too - most people have had relaxing associations with them when they have experienced them previously.


Homeowners are looking for that special something to make their homes stand out. An outdoor sauna integrated into landscaping can be a great way of adding value and uniqueness in your property!


Log cabin pod with sauna

Sauna Health Benefits


The sweating process has many benefits, including relieving stress and tension, as well as helping to flush toxins from the body through the pores in the skin. It's also good for your health as it encourages blood flow! People who suffer from conditions like COPD, congestive heart failure and peripheral artery disease may also benefit from this natural treatment.

There are many reasons why people may want to use a sauna, including its ability help with depression and anxiety. People who experience joint pain or discomfort could find relief by using one as well as it  can help reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and can be advantageous for muscle recovery after sports. 


Here’s a list of some of the scientifically proven health benefits of using a sauna...


Boost Your Cell Power

Heat may just be the key to unlocking your body’s natural energy and staying power.

Studies shows how heat can help our cells produce more energy, which means you have an easier time getting through workouts or even taking care of everyday tasks at home!


Slow Down Ageing

You can potentially slow down the ageing process and even increase your lifespan if you have a sauna session 2 - 3 times a week. A study done on Finnish men showed that they were able to reduce their risk of death by cardiovascular disease by 23%.


Detoxify The Body

Regular sauna bathing helps you to excrete toxins such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. It's a great way for your body to get rid of these hazardous substances that can cause potential health problems if left in the system.


A Healthy Heart

The benefits of sauna bathing are extensive. In a 2018 study, four to seven weekly sessions were found reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease by 58%. Saunas can also increases your cardio endurance as it may lower your resting heart rate over time!


Reduce Blood Pressure

Sauna heat helps widen blood vessels and improve circulation, which reduces blood pressure. 


Athletic Improvement

Hyperthermic conditioning (heat training) increases the amount of oxygen in our blood by sending more to organs and tissues. This means we can perform at higher levels without getting tired, because there's always enough hemoglobin around for delivery!


Improve Weight Loss

The benefits of a regular sauna session are many. It is shown to regulate the appetite, increase metabolism and improve oxygen utilisation which helps with weight loss as well!


Boost Brain Function

Have you ever had a really great idea but then found yourself stuck? The brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF may be responsible for your lack of productivity. It has been shown that people who use their sauna at least 4 times per week experience an increase in the growth and maintenance of existing cells as well as improving neuroplasticity which can lead to better mental clarity and function.


Immune System Benefits

Heat exposure from sauna use increases the body's natural immune system increasing the heat shock protein, stimulating antigen-presenting cells and releasing cytokines, activating the body's natural immune system.


Improve Your Mood

When you feel good, the world looks better. Boosting your endorphins can have a calming effect on temperament and mood for those who are prone to depression or anxiety.


log cabin with sauna

How To Use A Sauna Safely


Despite their obvious benefits, saunas may not be appropriate for everyone. Check with your doctor before using a sauna, especially if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, abnormal heart rhythm, or unstable angina. If you have any of these health conditions, limit your sauna use to five minutes per visit, and make sure to cool down slowly.


Check with your doctor if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, before using a sauna.

  • Don’t use a sauna if you take medications which interfere with your body’s ability to regulate temperature, or medications which make you drowsy.
  • Don’t use a sauna if you’re ill.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before, during, or after sauna use.
  • Don’t use recreational drugs before, during, or after sauna use.
  • Don’t eat a large meal prior to using a sauna.
  • Never let yourself fall asleep in a sauna.
  • Exit the sauna if you feel dizzy or ill.
  • Saunas temporarily elevate the temperature of the scrotum. If you’re a man, this does not mean you can use sauna as a birth control method. However, regular sauna use may temporarily reduce your sperm count, and should be avoided if you’re actively attempting to impregnate your partner.
  • The National Health Service (NHS) warns that becoming overheated in a sauna can be dangerous to the health of the mum and the baby during pregnancy. Overheating in a sauna or steam room may also be more likely while you’re pregnant.




The relaxation and peacefulness of an outdoor sauna cabin is unparalleled


The outdoor sauna cabin is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Not only does it provide a relaxing environment where users can enjoy some alone time and privacy, but it also comes with several health benefits. The simple assembly of the cabin makes it easy to set up without needing professional assistance, while its space-saving design ensures that it will fit in any existing outdoor area.


The relaxation and peacefulness of an outdoor sauna cabin is unparalleled, allowing one to unwind from the troubles of everyday life. Studies have shown that regular use of a sauna can reduce stress levels, improve circulation, and ease pains associated with muscle soreness or minor injuries. Furthermore, exposure to dry heat has been proven to help treat bronchial asthma, allergies, colds and headaches. 


Saunas are also excellent for weight loss as they help speed up metabolism and burn calories quickly. Sweating in the sauna can also flush out toxins through perspiration which is beneficial for skin care since it clears out the pores and removes dead skin cells. In addition to these physical benefits, saunas promote mental wellbeing because they provide an escape from everyday worries and anxieties; simply sitting in a warm room with soft music playing can have powerful calming effects on the mind. 


Overall, owning an outdoor sauna cabin provides myriad advantages that cannot be overlooked. Combining simplicity of assembly with space saving capabilities as well as providing numerous health benefits both physical and psychological, an outdoor sauna cabin is sure to bring relaxation and tranquility into any backyard space for years of enjoyment!

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