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BRITTA A 3.2x2.5m Log Cabin

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Bespoke Log Cabins

All of our log cabins can be customise to your liking. Get in touch for customisations.

Introducing the Britta A 3.2x2.5m Log Cabin from Northern Log Cabins, a quintessential addition to your garden space. Crafted from untreated Nordic spruce, this log cabin exudes charm and durability. 🌲 

Key Features:
- Spacious 3.2x2.5m dimensions offer around 7m² of space under a modern gable roof.
- 28mm thick walls provide excellent insulation against wind and cold weather.
- Double door with a metal threshold for easy access.
- Light cutouts made of real glass add a touch of elegance.
- Option to include roofing felt for added protection.
- Comes with a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind.

This garden house is not just a structure, but a sanctuary in your backyard. Whether you envision it as a tool shed, a storage space for garden essentials, or a cosy spot for leisure activities, the Britta A log cabin offers versatility and functionality. 🏡

- Home Private Gym: Work out from home in your own private Gym. . 
- Storage space: Store firewood, garden furniture, or other belongings.
- Granny annexe house: Perfect for relaxing barbecues or hosting guests.
- Second home: Create a retreat in your garden, a space for relaxation and enjoyment.

Northern Log Cabins have meticulously designed this garden house with a blend of beauty and practicality. The sturdy construction and tried-and-tested stability ensure lasting quality. Make the Britta A log cabin your own, and elevate your garden with a touch of warmth and sophistication. 🌿

Log Cabin Specifications

External Dimensions (W x D): 320 x 250 cm

Wall Dimensions (W x D): 300 x 230cm

Log thickness: 28 mm

Side wall height: 194 cm

Ridge Height: 234cm

Roof surface: ca 9,90 m2

Roof boards:18 mm

Front overhang: 20 cm

Roof tilting angle: 15°

Floor boards: 18 mm

Treated bearers: 45 x 70 mm

Floor surface: ca 6,9 m2

Volume: ca 13,9 m3

Wooden door: 1425 x 1835mm

Package Weight: 48 kg

Package Size: 361x108x48 cm

Terms & Conditions / Guarantee

Installation plans for this log cabin are available for download upon purchase. We recommend you check if your building is covered by your household insurance in case of storm damage etc. We provide the constructions of all of our products with a 5-year warranty that starts from the product’s purchase date. In order to offer the best service, all of our products are always packaged in UV-resistant plastic film and our products are also protected during transport against potential knocks by the respective bands and timber protection elements. All of our products have been produced in the cold and icy Northern European climate from the dry spruce that has been grown in ecologically managed forests of Sweden, Finland, Russia or the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

Bespoke Enquiry

Discover the Art of Customisation with Our Bespoke Log Cabin Service

In the realm of homebuilding, the concept of a one-size-fits-all solution fades in comparison to the allure of personalisation. Recognising this, we proudly introduce our Bespoke Log Cabin Service, an avenue where your dreams and our craftsmanship meet to create something truly exceptional. Our service is designed for those who seek not just a house, but a home that reflects their unique style, needs, and aspirations.

Why Choose Us?

Bespoke Log Cabins by Northern Log Cabins

Northern Log Cabins is a leading provider of tailor-made log cabins, ensuring that every detail meets the customer's specific needs and preferences. This bespoke approach to cabin construction allows customers to have a unique and personalized log cabin, whether it's a quaint 1-bedroom cabin or a spacious 4-bedroom cabin. With their expertise in timber construction, Northern Log Cabins guarantees the highest quality of craftsmanship and design for each project. As a result, customers can trust that their custom log cabin will be a lasting testament to the company's commitment to excellence.

Learn more

Log Cabin Showsite

At Northern Log Cabins we offer a log cabin showsite where customers can visit and see their range of log cabins in person. This allows you to experience the quality and craftsmanship of Northern Log Cabins' log cabins firsthand and get a better sense of the available options.

Our showsite offers an immersive experience that aids customers in making informed decisions about their prospective log cabins.

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